Trafilix celebrated 40 years of activity.

To celebrate the anniversary, the Gruppo Lucefin has opened the doors of Esine production plant.
The event was addressed to local people, employees, suppliers and customers; it presented the company and gathered five artistic moments.

Many guests had the occasion to look closely at the enterprise and its production activity, supported by the personnel at work.
Moreover, the Group has been able to bring art inside the firm by hosting five exhibitions that perfectly matched its steel nature.

Photographers Fabio Cattabiani and Mario Donadoni described the company through their lenses; Centopercento Teatro dancers performed a striking show of aerial dance, sustained by a bridge crane; sculptor Mattia Trotta exhibited his works made of iron thread; Monkeys Evolution’s street artists realized graffitis on steel sheets; to conlude, the concert by Vivaldi orchestra performed in the original context of the industry.