Group history

2011 Two warehouses come to life in England and Germany, Trafitec UK and KSM STAHL: it is the internationalisation of trade in the stainless steel sector.
2010 In Tre Valli Acciai (in Berzo Inferiore, province of Brescia) a high speed drawing line is installed: for standard and high quality steel round bars.
2010 A new drawing company is acquired: Trafitec (San Colombano al Lambro, province of Milan) is established and we enter the stainless steel manufacturing sector.
2009 From the join-venture between Lucefin and Bremen Steels Vicenza, the trade depot Bre-men Acciai Group (province of Ancona) is born: we start our commercial expansion towards central-southern Italy.
2008-11 From Edison and Teksid an area of 500.000 m2 (in Crescentino, province of Vicenza) is acquired, partly transferred in 2011 to the Mossi&Ghisolfi Group to create the first European bioethanol production centre.
2008 Matter (Bibbiano, province of Reggio Emilia – designing and building automated warehouses) and P.R.A.E. (in Carate Brianza, province of Monza Brianza – industrial software) become part of the Group.
2008-9 Euras (Carpiano, province of Milan) is taken over from the Lucchini Group: steel for moulds and tools is introduced into the trade sector.
2007 An agreement with Express Italia is concluded to manage the logistic platforms of Desio and San Stino di Livenza.
2006 Trafil Czech (Kladno, Czech Republic) is born for the internationalisation of our production and trade activity.
2002-05 Expansion and modernisation of the commercial sites of the Group.
2002 The logistical project is developed: the joint-venture between Lucefin and Federal Austrian Railways (OEBB) implements the second logistic pole in San Stino di Livenza, MVO (Magazzini Veneto Orientale).
2002-10 Six automatic warehouses are established in all commercial sites of the Group: the choice is strategic as well as innovative.
2002 The first chain-track is installed for the production of drawn steel: as technological innovation and productive investment.
2001 The first automatic warehouse of the Group is built: it is a new concept of commercial storage.
2000 A new trade warehouse becomes the main warehouse of the Group: Co.met. Acciai (Brescia).
1996 Selca (Artogne, province of Brescia) is born: differentiation in the energy sector.
1994-96 Two new production plants are established to complete the drawn steel range: Tre Valli Acciai (Berzo Inferiore, province of Brescia) and Traper (Settimo Milanese, province of Milan), together since 2004.
1989-92 Two new trade warehouses are established: Cosmo Acciai (Spilamberto, province of Modena) and Sidermarca (Ponzano Veneto, province of Treviso); our geographic trading area has increased.
1988 The second logistic core-business is launched: the integrated logistic platform of Desio MDB (Magazzini Desio Brianza).
1978 First export of iron and steel metallurgy material to China.
1977-85 (Leini, province of Turin) and Camuna 85 start production: the drawn steel manufacturing range is extended.
1976-84 The first two trade warehouses sites are launched: Acciai Brianza (Desio, province of Monza Brianza) and Nuova Bassani (province of Forlì Cesena).
1973 Trafilix (Esine, province of Brescia) is established.