Manutention 2012: un punto di svolta

Matter took part in Manutention, the International Trade Show for Intralogistics (Paris - F).

After widening its product range and becoming sector leader, Matter strengthened its technical and commercial structure to be even more ready for the global market challenge. With this intention, the company participated in Manutention 2012.

The 31st edition of the trade show numbered 172 exhibitors and more than 20.000 visitors. A satisfactory result that establishes Paris as an essential place for the global market. Moreover, the success of Manutention offered a realistic and positive snapshot of the logistics field, featured by dynamism and technological innovation.

Many companies from varius sectors showed interest in Matter solutions; this enabled the Emilian company to expand its boundaries beyond Italy and the steel industry.

The opportunities offered by Manutention are definitely attractive, a boost for Matter to demonstrate having the structure and the flexibility that the current tough conditions of the market require.

Thanks to all people that paid attention to the technologies exhibited and all people that have known and esteemed Matter.