Conversioni N/mm²

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The Lucefin Group - Production and distribution of cold-finished, hot-rolled, cold-drawn, forged steels
  Mpa - N/mm2   Kg/mm2   Kg/mm2   Mpa - N/mm2
  Mega Pascal-Newton/mm2   chilogrammiforza/mm2   chilogrammiforza/mm2   Mega Pascal-Newton/mm2
  Psi - lb/sqi   Kg/mm2   Kg/mm2   Psi - lb/sqi
  Pounds/sq inch - libbre/inch2   chilogrammiforza/mm2   chilogrammiforza/mm2   Pounds/sq inch - libbre/inch2
  Psi - lb/sqi   Mpa - N/mm2   Mpa-N/mm2   Psi - lb/sqi
  Pounds/sq inch - libbre/inch2   Mega Pascal-Newton/mm2   Mega Pascal-Newton/mm2 Pounds/sq inch - libbre/inch2
  Ksi   Kg/mm2   Kg/mm2   Ksi
  Kilo/sq inch   chilogrammiforza/mm2   chilogrammiforza/mm2   Kilo/sq inch
  Ksi   Mpa - N/mm2   Mpa-N/mm2   Ksi
  Kilo/sq inch   Mega Pascal-Newton/mm2   Mega Pascal-Newton/mm2 Kilo/sq inch
  Tonf/in2   Kg/mm2   Kg/mm2   Tonf/in2
  Tonnellate/inch2   chilogrammiforza/mm2   chilogrammiforza/mm2 Tonnellate/inch2
  J   Kg x m   Kg x m   J
  Joule   chilogrammetri   chilogrammetri   Joule
  daJ/cm2   Kg/cm2   Kg/cm2   daJ/cm2
  decajoule/cm2   chilogrammetri/cm2   chilogrammetri/cm2   decajoule/cm2
  ft lb   J   J   ft lb
  foot-pounds   Joule   Joule   foot-pounds
  daJ/cm2   J/cm2   J/cm2   daJ/cm2
  decajoule/cm2   Joule/cm2   Joule/cm2   decajoule/cm2