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Starting from May 4, the companies of the Lucefin Group are preparing to face “PHASE 2” with precise rules and with particular attention and respect for the health of their employees, committing to guaranteeing maximum safety conditions in all respecting the indications and protocols of the Ministry of Health.
The Group has adopted and prepared all the preventive measures to guarantee the safety of the worker in production, warehouses and offices in the best possible way.

The organization provides, where possible, staff equipped from home for smart working activities.

The following measures have been taken to safeguard the staff present in the company:

– stations for temperature measurement;

– workstations with devices for hand hygiene;

– supply of PPE such as gloves, masks and visors for the protection of all staff present;

– offices, departments and common spaces have been reorganized in order to ensure and respect the safety distance between people;

– enhancement of cleaning and sanitizing measures in the workplace;

– signs showing the procedures for the use of common areas, vending machines, accesses;

– signs showing procedures for the regulation of access for couriers and carriers;

– signs showing procedures for managing the entrance of suppliers and contractors.

Shoot at best with the maximum collaboration of all and for the health of all.


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R.E.A. BS 319721 CAP. SOC. 6.240.000 I.V.

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