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Our round bars: cold-drawn, peeled, peeled-reeled, rough ground and ground; hot-rolled and forged

Rounds Cold-drawn +C Peeled +SH Ground +G Rough ground
3 mm a 200 mm
1/8" mm a 8"
Lucefin acciai finiti a freddo
Rounds Hot-rolled and rough turned forged
20 mm a 1000 mm
Lucefin acciai finiti a caldo


The Lucefin Group offers cold-drawn, peeled, peeled-reeled, rough ground and ground bars. Available diameters go from 3 mm to 200 mm (from 1/8” to 8”).
Cold-finished rounds are normally supplied in their natural state. The Group can supply products with specific heat treatment (stress relieving, annealing, normalization, quenching and tempering); rounds can also be supplied with magnetic annealing. Upon request, bars can be demagnetized with residual magnetism up to ± 10 A/cm (± 12 Gauss).
The Group offers automatic US control on each individual bar as well as surface controls, both carried out by our high-skilled personnel.
Bars commercial length is 3 or 6 m; fixed length may be supply upon request.
Ground bars can be supplied with tolerance up to IT6; for peeled and cold-drawn rounds, tolerance is h9.

Some of the most common steel grades we can supply are:

Other steel grades available upon request.


The range available goes from 20 mm to 1000 mm. Bar length is approx 6 m; thanks to the number of cutting centers operating in each warehouse of the Group, it is possible to supply bars cut-to-size.


via Ruc 30, Esine (BS) ITALY


R.E.A. BS 319721 CAP. SOC. 6.240.000 I.V.

Steel bars