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Change together to build, together with our stakeholders, a better future for the next generations. This is the essence that characterizes the Lucefin Group project, launched a few months ago, and which has as its object corporate sustainability. The project intends to start a progressive evolution of its business model towards a future-proof posture. The vision that guides this process of change is dictated by the belief that tomorrow’s (excellent) companies will not only have to do their product or service well, but in doing so they can create a response to the many global challenges that await us.

The Lucefin Group is working to integrate sustainability into its strategic horizon as an impulse for the creation of a positive economic, social and environmental impact, as well as shared value among its stakeholders, with which the company has triggered a listening process and open dialogue.

The project will be completed with the final publication of a summary report, officially recognized among the international reference standards as Integrated Reporting IR.

IR is the tool aimed at mapping, measuring and communicating the organization’s performances in different areas (organizational, economic, social, environmental, etc.), with a view to continuous improvement.

Ethics is based on the principles of legality, transparency, honesty, dignity and safeguarding of the common good.
Lucefin Group’s activities and business are based on these principles, as well as respect for the laws and regulations of the countries where it operates, while at the same time pursuing competitiveness in the market.
Every person and, in particular, anyone working for the Group must abide by these principles. The Group’s management is responsible for respecting them and always aims to reach the highest standards of quality, health, safety and environmental protection by integrating them within all its activities and by encouraging its employees to respect the ethical principles established by the code of conduct.

Lucefin Group is constantly committed to promoting the fundamental concept of safety through targeted training and educational activities and the reduction of unsafe behaviours.
Raising awareness on the importance of safety is pursued through constant training, interventions and investments in order to create optimal working conditions for all employees, both within and outside the Group. These are the key factors of constant improvement aimed at reducing the number of accidents at work to zero. Prevention interventions are therefore planned, with the purpose of creating a coherent Group that integrates technique, organisation, working conditions, social relationships and the influence these factors have in the workplace.

We are committed to providing a quality workplace and promoting healthy lifestyles.
Prevention and health awareness-raising campaigns are in the pipeline, as well as extra-work activities to encourage our employees to practice sports.
Lucefin Group has always promoted the values of sport and solidarity, focusing on local territorial dynamics to favour relations with institutions, local bodies and associations.
Raising awareness and motivation to guarantee health protection at all levels represents the company’s commitment towards healthy lifestyles.

Lucefin Group has always strived to limit both direct and indirect environmental impact, which is constantly assessed and monitored in order to act effectively and defend the environment in which we work and live.
The company has always been sensitive towards environmental issues; therefore it works towards constant improvement by encouraging its employees, partners, clients and suppliers to give the same priority to respect for the environment as for health and safety.
Implementing increasingly advanced technologies, saving natural resources and reducing air, soil and water emissions means higher quality production, better use of available resources and improved waste reduction.

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