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We are leader in production and distribution of steel bars.

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What we offer

In the field of cold-finished steels, the Lucefin Group shows its leadership with a production of recognized quality: the widest range of cold-drawn, peeled and ground bars made and exported worldwide. A company that in its operations can offer controls, analyses and mechanical tests, heat treatments and constant qualified support.
Moreover, in addition to the distribution of the steels produced by the Group, its own network of service centers offers a wide choice of hot-rolled and forged bars available from stock.


Steels Production

Steels Distribution


Cold-finished Steels

Hot-rolled and forged Steels

Our professional ethics

Our Code of ethics is dependent on the ideas of legitimacy, transparency, reliability, dignity and protection of the common good. Lucefin Group's functions and business organization are based upon all these ideals, as well as having respect for the legislation and also guidelines of the states where it operates, while in the exact time following competition in the field.


Lucefin Group is consistently entirely committed to encouraging the fundamental principle of prevention through precise training and academic activities and also the decrease of high-risk activities.These are the important elements of continuous improvement targeted at lowering the variety of problems in the workplace to zero. Protection treatments are therefore planned, while using the reason of making a consistent Group which integrates process, organization, functioning conditions, community interactions as well as the control these elements have in the work area.

Environment policy

Lucefin Team has constantly strived to restrict simultaneously direct and secondaryecho effect, which is continuously tested and checked with the intention to work efficiently and safeguard the natural environment in which we work and reside.Implementing significantly complex techniques, saving healthy resources and decreasing air quality, terrain and fluids pollution levels means higher good production, better utilization of accessible tools and enhanced waste decrease.

Other informations and details:

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Large availability of products from stock, control on incoming and outgoing materials, fast delivery, qualified technical customer care. And many services also for third parties.

Lucefin - Lovin' Steel

Non destructive testing (NDT): US with PHASED ARRAY technology, Surface Defects testing lines (EDDY CURRENT).
Testing Lab: chemical analysis, mechanical testing (tensile, hardness and impact tests), metallography, heat treatments and cold-drawing simulation.
Cutting service (over 30 cutting centres for diameters up to 1000mm).
Chamfering – Bars marking
Qualified technical support and complex orders management.
All services are also available as wage work.


Our know-how and our competence for our customers


We have always pursued a management policy in accordance with the main system and product certifications


Space to the newly gradueted.


In line with the main system and product certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949, PED.

Entrust to Lucefin Group

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